Monday, August 11, 2008

Sophie's 1st day of preschool

Today was Sophie's 1st day of preschool. It was an emotional day for both of us. She started her day at 7:30 this morning (which as everyone knows is VERY early for us). We are going to have to work on our time management in the mornings. Anyway, we got lunch fixed and dressed and made it to school on time. Yeah, us. It was raining so Jason and I didn't get to do the whole picture & video thing of her getting out of the car and walking up to the school. We took a couple of pictures of her standing at the front door....and then we went inside. She was doing pretty well as we put her backpack & lunch box in her cubby and then mommy said bye and walked out the door. Sophie followed crying, which made me start to cry. Her teacher tried to console me, which made me cry more. I was able to leave after about 30 minutes.
It seemed so strange for it to be just Jason and me today. It has been so long since we have had a day with just the two of us. We drove around town and went to a couple of stores and then we went to lunch. Jason surprised me with going to lunch at Felix's. We don't get to go there very often and it was nice to be able to eat our meal without having to put on an entertainment act at the same time. The four hours flew by and before we knew it our time was up and it was back to reality.
Sophie was so glad to see us. Jason said he didn't know who was happier; Sophie or me. Mrs. Donna told us she cried for about 10 minutes after we left and then she was fine. She also said that Sophie had an infectious personality... she would say yeah and start clapping and the happiness would spread throughout the room. She seemed to have a great time and was waving and telling everyone she saw bye. She even gave Mrs. Donna a hug before we left. Hopefully, she will remember the good time she had and Wednesday will not be too bad. Sophie ended her long morning by falling asleep in the car on our way home.