Monday, September 22, 2008

.....More Sophie

Sophie is OBSESSED with Dora. This is a cute picture of Miss Hollywood watching Dora with her Dora doll, Dora purse and covered up with her Dora blanket. She starts asking for Dora as soon as she gets out of bed in the mornings. Sophie has been trying me lately by throwing little tantrums. She has been sitting in the corner because of it. She does pretty well and will sit there until she stops crying. At school they call it sitting in the thinking chair. Now if she starts whining and crying to get her way I ask her if she needs to sit the the corner and she will look at me with very sad eyes and say "nooooo." That will usually make her stop without having to actually go to the corner. Looking at her sitting there makes me feel sorry for her, but I stay strong. She has to learn that you don't always get your way and throwing a fit is definately not the way to go!

Sophie is playing with the foam packing that came in the box with my new laptop that she and Jason gave me for my birthday. I thought she looked like she was skating when she had the foam on her feet.

Jason & Sophie Dancing with the Stars

Jason & Sophie watched Dancing with the Stars Monday night. She absolutely loved it! She loves music and dancing, so this was definately her thing. Jason was sitting on the couch and she would go grab his hand to pull him up to dance with her. Oh, it would melt your heart. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Not only can she dance, but she can sing too! Sophie was born to perform and she even has the ending to her songs down perfect. Ta Da!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Geaux Tigers!

Sophie, Jason and I watched the LSU/Auburn game Saturday Night. Jason taught Sophie to say Geaux Tigers and Touchdown. She had a lot of fun running around saying go! go! go! It was really funny to watch her mimic Jason when he would get a little emotional (yelling at the tv and dancing around) about what was happening in the game.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthdays.......Another Year Has Come and Gone Gone

My birthday was this past Tuesday. I really don't feel like I am as old as I am. I think that running after a 2 year old keeps you young, but you definitely get worn out quicker. Sophie seems to have boundless energy these days (except for preschool days when she comes home worn out)! Anyway, Jason had to work on my birthday so we celebrated on Sunday. He and Sophie surprised me with a new's just what I've always wanted. Then he really surprised me by going to eat mexican food for dinner. For those of you who know, I love mexican food and Jason HATES mexican food. He was a good sport though and even said that his dinner was good. I really enjoyed it because we don't go very often and the food was really good. I have to say I had a really great birthday this year!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My baby's Gone Gone....She's now a big girl!!!

As everyone knows Sophie has started preschool. It has been tough on her and me. She has cried everyday when she gets dropped off. Each day a little less crying, but still crying. Well, today she didn't cry, so after a long nap we went to get "ice keen" and to the park to celebrate. I agree with Jason when he said he didn't know what was worse, her crying or her not crying anymore, because that meant she didn't need us. This is what Sophie's hair looks like when she wakes up every morning. Actually, this is a good day. She is giving me the "woman you have lost your mind for taking these pictures of me looking like this" look.

Chef Sophie is cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. She will not eat either one, but she likes to cook them. It is really hot slaving over a hot grill, but at least she looks good in her flashy shoes. Sophie believes you must ALWAYS look good and have cute shoes.