Thursday, December 4, 2008

Choo Choo

We went to the train museum in Foley to see the model train exhibit. Sophie's friend Maggie, from our playgroup, and her mom Julie went with us. Before we left for the day Sophie let me take a picture of her in front of the christmas tree. Lately, she goes everywhere with that little purple purse, so of course it had to be in the picture. Sophie is in love with trains right now and she thought that this was the best trip ever. She gets soooo excited when she sees a choo choo (she usually calls large trucks choo choos). Which is pretty funny considering that there are no trains where we live. Anyway, the model trains were very interesting. They have put a lot of time into making such an intricate exhibit. They were even having a funeral in the exhibit, which I thought was a little morbid, but the men thought it was humorous because they had one of the women attending the funeral wearing a red dress. One of the men asked us "Now who would wear a red dress to a funeral." Another one of the men running the trains asked if we wanted to see Mr. T (for those of you who are as uninformed in train lingo as we were Mr. T is Thomas the train.....not the 80's tv star with a mohawk and gold chains). I was glad to realize he was talking about Thomas the train, because I was thinking why would two year old girls want to see Mr. T. Sophie's favorite part of the exhibit was when the trains would go through the tunnels.
My favorite part was when the men would let the girls blow the train whistles.


Nanny said...

She looks cute and getting big.

tdubbs1208 said...
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Tiffany said...

she is precious...i hope you all have a good chritmas i miss you!!