Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Program

Sophie's preschool had their christmas program on Monday. The pictures are not that great because we had to sit in the back so that Sophie would not see us. She did not want any part of getting on stage so one of her teachers, Mrs Kathy, had to hold her the entire time. Sophie's class did a poem called "The Twos are Bringing Tidings of Joy." It was a really cute poem that incorporated all the children's personalities. After Mrs Kathy read the poem they played a song and the kids were supposed to dance, but only one little boy danced and he stole the show. She at least let me take a picture of the cute t-shirt they made when we got home. As for the christmas program, oh well, maybe next year.


B said...

Hi guys!!

Jason & Brandy, Sophie is adorable!! Your mom shared your blog. Are you guys going to see them any over Christmas or New Year's? Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! -Bridget (Prezioso)